Hacienda Cañas | Cocoa

Hacienda Cañas has a 340 hectares (850 acres) cocoa plantation, that is one of the plantations managed with leading technology and a “Precision Farming” Program (Agricultura de Precisión) that has earned it both local and international recognition because of its high yields, infrastructure, the way the environment is treated and its long career in the cocoa production. One main characteristic of the farm is the ongoing search of efficient and modern technologies to produce a higher quantity of dry beans at a lower cost and one of the main achievements has been the creation of an integrated disease control program that has managed to reduce from 30 to 5% the terrible disease known as Monilia.

Among the farm’s main innovations is the “New Fermentation Process” which, along with the Post-Harvest additional works, have given CCN-51 cocoa a new and excellent flavour already appreciated by the entire chocolate industry. Hacienda Cañas being a pioneer in this type of research, has a “Quality Laboratory” to control and guarantee that all the parameters needed are met for a high-quality product exportation. We also perform continuous tastings in this laboratory in order to homogenize the flavour of our bean.