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For over 400 years, the destination and its inhabitants have been linked to the cocoa production. Nowadays, it still influences the life of thousands of Ecuadorians, which is why we can affirm without a doubt that “The History of Ecuador is the History of Cocoa.”    

For more than 25 years, “Hacienda Cañas” has been constantly visited by farmers, scientists, industrialists, technicians and local and foreign tourists eager to “go back to the past” and see the cocoa orchards of this famous farm that keeps using traditional techniques from the beginning of the century combined with current modern technologies to produce the “fruit of the gods”, the world’s most famous cocoa for its unique taste and aroma making it an essential component of the finest chocolates in the world. The Hacienda also has 80 hectares of technical banana plantation with GLOBALGAP Certification.

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